Maybe I am alone with this discovery, but just in case I let you know.

Few weeks ago, I was wisiting the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. Those who were there know about the spectacular formations, and dramatic landscapes. Unfortunately I arrived too late, the sun was down, and the moon wasn't strong enough to lighten the surroundings. Even with exposure times as long as 4-5 minutes, I could not get any decent pictures.

I was always wondering how good is the lightning of landscape photographs in the National Geographic. I had thought that they used lots of powerful flashes and huge reflectors to enlighten the foreground. It was too late when I realized few days ago the trick, which could have saved the day when I was visiting Northern Ireland.

The trick was to use long time exposure (just as I did) and walk around with a flash, and fire it many many times until the foreground is uniformly enlighted.

I am sort of disappointed now - because I might not have a second chance to visit Northern Ireland. I am also glad that I have learnt something new, and I can't wait the opportunity to try it out.