Even with a release I'd have this problem.

Keep in mind not having one is no worry as the sale of the images or exhibition would never come up.

It is HIS problem. 100% HIS problem. The guy is lunatic. Pure and simple.

The more I think about it, the more I realize the value of them.

There is no way giving them away is an option. First off we are talking about 10 hours time just on the shoots. Easily another 10 for scanning, and printing. Then the cost of printing. The cost of wear and tear on my gear. Gas. Travel time. Etc.

Why would I GIVE them away to someone who acted so poorly?

Especially when there is no actual "threat" here. But if I gave them away who knows what could become of them!

I mean figuring costs of the negs, my time, etc. etc. etc., and yes, I got this figure from a pro-shooter in town....

$6,000.00 should do it.

Oh, and Aggie this was NOT the woman who was my boss. She has no problems at all with the pictures I took of her.