I have a 12x20 Korona - I've heard that Alan's kit is just too painful to operate - very fiddly etc. My own experience is that a monopod under the front rail (mine has a spare tripod hole there) works an absolute treat. I have a lightweight carbon fiber monopod with a quick release head. I leave the quick release on the front rail and simply clip the monopod onto it every time after I've set-up. It's a Bogen pod, so it has the very handy clips - I just let them all out until the bottom makes contact with the ground, close all but one of them up and finally take some weight off the front rail before tightening the last clip. The process takes about 10 seconds and you have no issues with a saggin front assembly too. I have not since had a shot ruined by wind. I took a couple of shots in a blizzard in February (30 mile an hour wind) using this set-up and shielding the camera with my body (I set the oufit up about 1 meter above the ground to help) - no movement on a 2 second exposure. The monopod set-up also allows me to get away with an extremely light tripod - I use a Gitzo 1325 which weighs 4.5 pounds!