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At least your lens has a slot to put stops in. Mine marked A.T. Thompson importers doesn't even have that.
Mine doesn't either. So it might become a letterpress...

But the Ross Cabinet No.2 has a proper iris aperture! I just measured the FL, and found it to be about 300mm, or (more likely) 12". SInce the seller didn't know, and the Vade Mecum was wrong, I didn't know I was buying a 12" f:3.5 Petzval!

Anyway, I found out that the iris on my 24x30cm plate camera is large enough to hold the lens. Time will show whether it's strong enough, too, or if I'll have to use a second tripod just to hold the lens up. Another good thing is that I have a full set of plate adapters for that camera, so I can use any size film or plate from 6.5x9cm up to the full 24x30cm"!