Sorry if I seem to be beating a dead horse, or thread in this case, but I thought I would keep you all updated as far as bringing this old camera back to life.

We all know how expensive film holder are if you have them custom made, and that would certainly be the best way to go, for someone on an inlimited budget, but I am unfortunatly not. So, in order to get some extended life out of my glass plate holder, I had a sheet metal shop make me some 12X15" film sheaths. These are inserts, made out of 1mm thick aluminum, fabricated to fit into the glassplöate holder where the glass plate was intended to go. These filmsheaths will accept modern film. I've uploaded an image showing the sheath thus far. They still need to be primed and painted black, but they are such a perfect fit, I just couldn't wait to share it with someone.
The sheetmetal shop wanted to charge me 5.00 Euro for the two filmsheaths, but I just couldn't let myself get away so cheap, so I gave the guy 5,00 a piece. Still cheap I know, but I felt a little better about the situation.

I can pick up the new baseplate with tripod thread on friday. So now I'm going to place an order for my sheetfilm.