After some time Iíve spent on APUG it looks it could be the last chance introduce myself as a novice.

Iím from Slovakia, Bratislava. Iím 40; happy married with two sons, working as a financial analyst. I had made lot of pictures mainly at second half of eighties, but give up photo around 92 Ė you know, family and work life was too exhaustive to do something more then occasional family photo. At latest 90-ies I started working with digital camera, some pictures on my web

This Christmas I definitely realized how much I miss classic BW and I decided return back. Iíve built the dark room and started again. Some of my current works are in APUG galleries and Iíve started built BW gallery on

Thanks all who build and maintenance and thanks all for sharing experience and opinions.

Juraj Kovacik, Bratislava