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The issue of having one's name attached to bad repros is a real one. You could imagine a client wanting to retain the negatives to save a few bucks on the prints, having them done at the one-hour photo place, then showing them to friends/associates who might be potential clients, and thinking they were doing the photographer a favor, saying, "Robert Kennedy did these! Aren't they great?" failing to mention that these were unauthorized prints.
People make unfounded allegations all of the time. (Elvis is alive and well and was seen at the Holywood Planet) I don't think that the lady and her husband are prone to further duplications of the images. Why would they want the negatives and prints? I am sure that the guy is probably just not wanting to share intimate details about his wife that he feels should be his to enjoy. It would be kind of like my wife deciding to bare her soul at this point and without discussion...a part of the exclusive relationship would seem to have been violated.

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