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Don, I can understand your point, but that still doesn't make the case for giving away the negatives as opposed to destroying them. If she has no plans to reprint the negs, then she has no need for them, and if she does have plans to reprint the negs, she has no right to them.

Shredding protects all parties equally and should satisfy the legitimate "reputation" concerns on both sides (i.e., the reputation of the photographer as someone who produces quality work and the reputation of the model as a person of modesty, if that is a personal concern).

I'm sorry if I gave the impression that I was making a point for returning the negs...I was making a point for not retaining them. I agree that shredding them would be the preferable remedy.

I think that this is a point that one has an opportunity to choose between whether to assert one's "rights" or to not cause undue and unnecessary distress. In my experience, these things have a tendency to come back and revisit us in ways that we can not immediately see. Robert made mention of bad karma...what karma are we creating for our future?