OK, Know that we had the thread about mixing Palladium Chloride but have been looking at 25gm of PdCl I have and know I need to mix it up....just feeling a bit paranoid and want to find out if I am being a bit anal about mixing it. The formula to mix the Lithium Palladium for 25 ml is as follows:
2.3 gm of PdCl + 1.7 gm of LiCl, simple enough - moving the decimal that becomes 23 gm PdCl + 17 gm of LiCl in 250ml of water. But since I have 25 gm of palladium wanted to use all of it figure out that the formula would be 25 gm package of PdCl + 18.5 gm of LiCl to 272 ml of water (it's actually would be 271.9 ml). Or am I worrying to much about this?

The reason I am using the LiCl is 1) I have some and 2) will be using it for both POP (Ziatypes) and DOP.