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OK, Know that we had the thread about mixing Palladium Chloride but have been looking at 25gm of PdCl I have and know I need to mix it up....just feeling a bit paranoid and want to find out if I am being a bit anal about mixing it. The formula to mix the Lithium Palladium for 25 ml is as follows:
2.3 gm of PdCl + 1.7 gm of LiCl, simple enough - moving the decimal that becomes 23 gm PdCl + 17 gm of LiCl in 250ml of water. But since I have 25 gm of palladium wanted to use all of it figure out that the formula would be 25 gm package of PdCl + 18.5 gm of LiCl to 272 ml of water (it's actually would be 271.9 ml). Or am I worrying to much about this?

The reason I am using the LiCl is 1) I have some and 2) will be using it for both POP (Ziatypes) and DOP.

Mike, I use slightly different numbers than the ones you posted. Based on the common formula 2 LiCl for every 1 PdCl2 that works out to 84.8 g (LiCl) to 177.31 g (PdCl2). or in smaller amounts and rounding a little, 1.2g (LiCl) for each 2.5 g PdCl2. 1.7 to 2.3 seems way off. LiCl will take on moisture so that could be a saftey factor, but still represents an unbalanced equation.

as for volume, I mix mine to a .7M solution so that only goes in to make 20ml. Where is the harm in mixing with too much salt? With lithium I have never mixed it that far off, but with a NaCl mixture it produces slower printing times. I know those are the numbers (or very close to them) that are published Zia amounts but they don't jive with the number one should be using to be consistant with sodium or ammonium based palladium printing salts.

It is best to error on the side of a little too much NaCl, NH4Cl, or LiCl because without their presence, the PdCl2 can not get into solution.