CLR is just a househould cleaner. calcium-lime-rust remover or something like that. the water in our lab is rather hard--and since the water panels are used every day--they tend to get gunked up . that's what I was alluding to above--this kind of stuff happens. with water-panels and you should plan on having to rebuild them annually....same as changing filters out every month or even more frequently than that. It just depends on how much you use them.

The Intellifauct has these internal valves that you can pull out & soak in CLR as long as you don't get the PC board wet. It's kind of a PIA, but cheaper than sending it off to the manufacturer, who would do the same thing pretty much (they told us how to do this). Over 5-6 years now I guess, we've done this maybe 3 times. The reason why we went with the Intellifaucet over the Wing Lynch is on a tip from our dealer/tech guy--they handle swings in water pressure better than a WL panel. Our lab is in a large public building and we have all sorts of water pressure problems at various times of the day.

The vaccum breakers are just for safety more or less when the water panel is permanently plumbed into a processor. the check valves will probably be built into whatever unit you buy--they keep the flow running one way--but these can get gunked up too eventually, so if you buy used, check these out. Some you can get at & fix, others just need to be replaced.

so, it's great to get these things used dirt cheap, but buyer beware....

Basically you just need to draw out a little diagram for your plumber--make sure you can get the panel out for maintenance without destroying the whole setup. Same goes for the filter housings--you need to use one each--hot & cold. Plan on maybe having to replace the housings every 5 yrs. We recently had a cold housing form a hairline crack after about 7 yrs and had a nice big puddle in the lab one morning.....

so think about something like shutoff valves for each water line prior to the whole setup. Have couplings before and after the filters and the water panel. With a vaccum breaker mounted higher than the processor & water panel--between the water panel and the Jobo. You can T off the water panel though. Run one off to the jobo--the other to a sink. No problem. In fact, you might find that you have to run a bit of water continuously to keep it at the right temp for some of the wash steps in E6--otherwise it might take 15-20 seconds for the thing to stabilize and by then you're almost quarter of the way through the wash step. Too hot or too cold--by even a degree or two in the some of the steps will cause you some problems. It wastes a bit of water, but works better this way unless you can set up a recirculating loop somehow.

Hope this isn't too confusing, if I had more time, I'd try to shoot a couple of snapshots of these panels. It sounds complicated, but if you draw it out, it will make more sense.