I was equally surprised not to have had a problem with the half strength chemicals, but again, for the landscape shots there wasn't anything that struck me as out of the ordinary (color, density). If I understand the process, the color developer and bleach/fix steps are "to completion" steps, so maybe thats why they weren't impacted because I added enough time. In fact, when I (normally!) use E-6 per the instructions, I'm not all that careful with these steps, as long as there long enough. I tend to be most anal about the developer step. Beats me, though. If the stuff was really dirt cheap (like B&W process), maybe I'd play around and experiment with different variables. It would be interesting to really know if the stuff could be used reliably for all applications at reduced concentrations (aka would save some big dollars in the long run) and longer times. But for now, I'm chalking it up to luck, and won't (intentionally!) do it again.