Sorry if this is in the wrong Forum!
I feel Iv'e been conned, or am I just being a bit too sensative?

I won an Item, a Rollei bayonet 1 Lense hood. Seller Mike366, described it as in 'very good condition'.

When I received the hood, it had a dent in it on the underneath, where it says 'Germany'. I emailed the seller through Ebay, saying it was wrongly described. He answered a bit flippently that IHO, He described it well for a 40 year old item, and to send it back and he would refund my money. I refused this offer as I would lose the postage money.

When I looked at the Item description again, I noticed what he had cleverly done. Posted two Photo's of the item. 'Photo 1', an image of the lenshood up for auction, showing the case plus the top view, with the Rollei emblem showing. Then 'Photo 2' the case plus a view of the bottom of the lenshood, showing the 'Germany' marking. All looked in top condition.

On further inspection, I noticed that the cases and lensehoods were too different items, and to make things even worse, 'Photo 2' was of a Rollei 2 bayonet, and dopey old me hadn't even noticed. Then why would I look? I mean, this is a good honest seller, 100% feedback, seller of over 1000 items.

I Emailed him again telling him of my findings, and that he had set out to deceive, which is tantamount to fraud. He offered no explanation or reason for the images of two different items, nor denied my accusations.

He has since offered me a refund on the items and postage both ways.

My question to you Guys and Girls is:

Do I accept his offer, ask him to refund me the money, and then send the Item back?

Accept the Item as it is, It is usable, but with an ugly dent in it, and put it down to a bad experience?

Or report him to Ebay?, after all, he is only going to relist the item again, and con someone else.

It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on this one.