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..remember a GAPW workshop I went to with John Shaw, he stated that a realease was needed for shot - Autumn, barn, somewhere in New England..turns out that this one place has ended up on so many calendars tha the owner requires a fee and release - so scenic work is changing too!
It doesn't suprise me after I read an article about a particular tree on the scenic drive in Monterey, Ca. that has been copyrighted. So basically one can still shoot a picture of the tree, but must get permission (and I assume pay some sort of licensing fee) if one wants to publish the picture. I am not sure who owns the copyright - the city?

Anyway, one of the earliest lessons I ever learned in photography is never give away or even sell the negative. A pretty inventive contradiction to that rule is observed by someone I'm taking a portrait class from presently - he also does weddings and it is his policy, once five years from the date of the ceremony have passed, to send the negatives to the couple. This accomplishes two things: 1-It frees up his storage and, 2-If the couple are still together they probably have a kid or two by then, and this seeming act of unselfish goodwill usually results in a booking for a family and individual portraits.

Robert, all that doesn't help with your quandary, and as there doesn't seem to be anything to add to all the terrific thoughts everyone else has shared, I just hope you are able to resolve the situation soon and in a way you can feel good about.