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He has since offered me a refund on the items and postage both ways.
I feel your pain. I would take the refund. That is more than many sellers would offer, and charge the experience to “caveat emptor”.

Just today, I rec'd a lens in the mail - that I won on April 2 (this should give you a hint.)

The entire description reads:

"Up for auction is one Nikon EL-NIKKOR Lens 105mm/5.6 Enlarger Lens. There are no scratches on the lens and the threads are fine."

Plus, a single picture of the lens, from the side. This is from a seller with 100% positive feedback.

Well, it was filthy - although not scratched and cleaned up OK (some dust inside, but that’s expected). The threads are "fine", but the rear barrel is dented, meaning it's likely that the thing has been dropped at some point in its life. Also, both rims are pitted and have all the paint worn off.

Still, I paid $21 for a Nikon lens, and chances are it's OK. (I’ll make prints with it soon) I cleaned, it, mounted it in the enlarger and was able to focus, adjust the aperture, etc. Even if it isn't, I've been fine on 95% of the Ebay purchases I've made. (and my wife and I have made 100's). It's all a crap shoot - bid accordingly.

Good luck.