Hi Russ,

Really nice to see one of the original "maestros" on the list. Your article on kallitype in Barnier was the most useful practical working instructions on kallitype I found when I began working the process some years ago.

You should start a thread on soft-focus lenses! There is probably not anyoe in the world who knows more about this subject than you, and this has been an interesting topic here on APUG.



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I won't speak for Ted Rice (have known him since 1978) or Bob Nugent (known him since 1980) BUT have watched Bob make ferric oxalate with steel wool- he got the formula from one of Dick Sullivan's priceless issues of LUMEN. Works like a top if you can draw a good vacuum. Makes great ferric oxalate, at least for kallitypes (my application) but no better than B&S version which I've bought since 1984.

Rudiak had a perhaps unique variation on making ferric oxalate which he developed about 1998. It had some interesting ramifications on speed, color and tone. I watched John make it once; he died about ten days later. Did I take notes? Heck no- he'd always be there to ask...