See, for me the friendship issue is a moot one now. She busted that up when she asked about this during my rehearsal dinner, and slunk around town trying to track me down the day after my wedding! I mean it is all pretty sleazy. So after that, after not even having TIME to consider what I should do, I count the friendship thing moot. I have a low tolerance for what amounted to a shakedown.

Now, some have said "it is beginner work", which is odd because nobody has seen the image...but anyway, yeah, I have done better, and I WILL do better.

Does that mean one should not value their work?

Why are some people so ready to devalue photography to the point of nothingness? I did two shoots which she was very pleased with. She got several prints out of it, including a pretty good 11x14. So why should that work be considered worth nothing?

Add to that the fact that I revisit images so I can see how I have improved, and we have a definate value to these items.

Let me put it this way....

If you can't go back and see what you have done wrong, how can you improve? It would be like taking pictures with no film in the camera! At a certain point you have no concept of how you are doing without a history to look back on.

Which is why I feel we should never "devalue" our work. It is ours and it has value. Be it good, bad, or ugly.