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When you're using both metal masks, the "Sivoma" goes on top and the "Sixma" is the lower one. But remember that they're supposed to be mounted with writings OUTSIDE the negative (flat side OUT). You'll see that it makes sense as there's a retaining clip which holds them on the edge, and it wouldn't work if the writings were toward the negative.
Wow, this is really helpful, thanks! Just yesterday I ordered Sixma an Sivoma 66; my Durst only came with the masks for 35 mm and for 6x6 I am until now improvising with a home-made mask, which is really pretty bad.

Hm, I'm going to check whether I'm using them correctly, I think I have the writings towards the negative... And indeed, the clip doesn't make any sense in that case. I just thought that was a case of "Italian design" (<-- No offence meant), but instead it must be a case of user error.