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Thanks for the details Eric. I was just hoping to find additional reference (looked on Dr. Ware's site, but did not really find anything). Agree the that the LiCl does pull A LOT of water in (I'm near you south of Ft. Worth) and have seen the LiCl pull the moisture in...bet you have too. Went ahead with the mix late yesterday evening using the 2.3+1.7 and will let you know how it works out. Sounds like we may coat the same way, because I do not humidify that long either (depends on the humidity though - have not attempted to coat recently when the RH was around 10).

Thanks again for the input...if I can find any additional info will post it here.
It may have been the perfect time to try it both way and see if you observed any difference? You can always add more lithium salt. My normal humidification technique is to use a camber that has a rheostat control room humidifier and an additional circulation fan. The box is kept at 60% RH. Paper hangs inside for 30 minutes normally and perhaps, only 10 if large amounts of Lithum based material is used.

I doubt you would see Mike Ware post any formula on his site using Lithium in the Platinum/Palladium process. He has pointed out some problems with the use of Lithium along with platinum.