My first introduction to a panoramic camera was a few years ago when Jeff Bridges was on CBS Sunday morning. He uses a 35mm Widelux. I have an old, inexpensive, Russian, HorizonT.

In Jeff's book, "Pictures", he has several photos with the same person twice, once smiling and once frowning. In his text he talks about being able to run around the photographer and be in the same picture twice. Now, I don't know about the widelux, but the HorizonT swings in a fraction of a second.

So, how does he do the photos in his book where on one frame a person sitting on a couch is shown twice? There is a vertical blur about half way.

I'm wondering if he swings the camera in the opposite way from the lens. He'd have to be using a tripod to keep the begining and end shots clear. The person doesn't move because there's a photo of Martin Landau, or two of him, and the backrground is the same behind each image.

I'm doing a presentation at my camera club on Jeff, The evening will be photographers talking about what it would be like for a famous photographer to visit Ottawa and what photographs they would produce. I have lots of panoramics around Ottawa but I want to do one of his trick photos.

Jeff's website is