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Why can't we? It really would be useful.
Because one persons perception of "Conned" maybe completely different than another persons perception and publishing that type of information could open up the owner of the website to slander charges as well as those posting the information. And it is not the responsibility of this website to post information about transactions that occure outside of this website..

I do my business 100% on the internet and sometimes it is very difficult, since the advent of online business, the parameters sometimes seem to change, when dealing with someone who sells a product, be it new or used, is just a seller and not an expert, people seem to really get down on them, when purchasing things over the net, the best thing is to practise, the buyer beware policy and always expect it to be less than what you think it is, then you will never be disapointed, after the number of years that I have been selling and buying on the net, including a number of years on ebay, I have never been disapointed, but I have had a couple of transactions, that were less than what I expected, but for the most part, everything goes fine, and I get what I expect.

Dave Parker
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