Was out this weekend in our glorious Rocky Mountains and decided to do a quick test. I had used the HC110 Dil H on some FP4 35mm a couple of weeks ago and was rather pleased. Seemed to handle a very contrasty situation for me.

This time I exposed some 4x5 APX 100 rated at 80asa (as per tests). One sheet developed in Dil B and one sheet developed in Dil H. The only difference I can see is that the Dil H seemed to give me a N+1.3 push with this film. Beyond that the grain size was exactly the same and the tonality didn't seem much different except what you would expect from the N+ apparent development.

I guess to do a proper A/B comparison I would need to determine my developing time for the Dil H for N development. But this seems to be a lot of work for probably not much benefit.

Has anyone else done any extensive work with the Dil H?

Just for those that don't know Dil H is just 1/2 of Dil B, and you double your development time from Dil B (as a starting point).