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In short I would like to use only the bathroom - have everything in the one room, but I'm guessing that the shower and steam will destroy the enlarger.
Then don't keep it in there.

My darkroom is in the master bathroom (we have two, but my wife doesn't like the smaller one, where the vanity interferes with her knee). Since I can't leave things set up anyway, I "promoted" a kitchen cart for which there isn't room in the kitchen since our last move; my Omega D2 lives on there, and can be semi-easily wheeled into the bathroom for printing sessions, and back to my computer room (spare bedroom) for storage between. In fact, with a slip-in, friction-retained window cover and weatherstripping around the door (and a towel underneath) I can set up for darkness to change film in about five minutes, pull out the rugs and wheel in the enlarger cart in less than ten, and put it all back to "bathroom" in fifteen minutes at the other end (including wiping down the counter and sinks, leaving only a tray under the bathtub faucet with prints still washing). Add time to mix chemicals, and I can still spend four hours actually printing when I have a five hour time slot while she's out of the house...