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Hey all you Dallas/Ft Worth folks,

I think it's time to meet up for breakfast or coffee again. I missed the last one, so I'll organize it this time... If you're interested, please give me your availability and suggestion for location.
Oh man, I don't know how I missed this thread. How embarassing when your wife posts about a get-together and you're the last person in the region to see the thread. Doh!

I'll have to check with you to find out the best times for me. :)

Shall we both bring our graflexes? I'll bet we're the only family on APUG with his and hers Speed Graphics! (Dianna's is a Pacemaker, mine is an Anniversary)

Maybe by the time we have this meet up, I'll have my RB67 point-n-shoot and I'll bring that.

I'm game for a diner. I love diners.

I'm betting that Dianna's and my darkroom-from-a-garage will be in production in time for the meetup AFTER this one to maybe be a darkroom convergence -- if Denton isn't too far north for everyone.


(btw -- not only did Dianna shoot her avitar, but she shot mine as well. :) )