The Jobo works beautifully with the 2509 sheet film rack in a processing machine such as the CPE2, uses very little solution, and ensures very even development, but I found that by using the the supplied retainer plate there is a chance for the short edges to be underdeveloped.

If you do not like the idea of using a processing machine, you can also track down a "Color by Beseler" 8" X 10" paper drum. This particular one is different from the others as it has a removeable divider arrangement which allows four sheets of film/paper to be loaded, once done, you pour the solutions into the drum via a large spout, as soon as you start rolling it, the solution is dumped over the interior surface. For developing a few sheet of film I tend to use the Beseler rather than rolling out the Jobo.

With the film support side pressed against the inside wall, the anti-halation backing tends not to come off. But a bath in hypo-clearing agent can take it off altogether.