I had a local machinist make a larger version of the Brubaker wind stabilizer kit for my 12x20 Canham (48 inches of bellows extension). It works okay for shorter lenses (360 – 450mm), but I rarely use it in the field. For longer lenses (750mm and 1000mm Apo-Germinars and 35 inch Artar), I use a monopod under the front standard, and a small wedge-shaped foam pillow under the bellows. In addition to preventing bellows sag, the pillow dampens vibrations that might be transmitted between the front and rear standards through the bellows, and also minimizes bellows movement in the wind. And in the wind, the sail area of the bellows contributes more unwanted camera movement than either the relatively stable front standard or the less secure rear standard. Having said that, I stand in awe of Donsta’s ability to use his 12x20 in a 30 mph wind. Unless I have a sizable boulder to hide behind, my camera is virtually unusable in any winds greater than 12 - 15 mph.