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Well since I unloaded my Leica M3 I have occasionally missed the convenience of 35 mm (Exclusive use of B&W film Tri-X HP 5 etc..) and like a dummy jumped on a Nikon F and a couple of lenses--my question is will the Nikon be close to the results from the Leica--I never really liked the feel of the Leica--a tad small but I did really like the results using HP5 and Tri-X. Seee ebay item #s 7612087425, 7612094726 and 7612103723.
Hopefully I'll get some opinions that are optimistic and I didn't go overboard !! I use MF (Mamiya 7II) most of the time but low light is always an issue and DOF.
Neither of the lenses that you purchased are great performers, and will not put you into the Leica lens league, not even close. I own both lenses so I'm telling you from first hand experience. And they won't even come close to the Mamiya II as far as optical quality.

The lenses are okay but not world beaters.