I've used Leica M, Nikon F, and Nikkormats since 1967. The Leica feels better to me, but the Nikon system is far more versatile and gets most of the small format use. The metered finder is cumbersome. A pentaprism finder handles better if TTL metering isn't needed, but can be expensive. The zoom has a mediocre reputation as Nikkor lenses go. I use a 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor-S like yours, and find it to be almost as sharp as a Summicron. There were reasons for the removable back when the Nikon F was the premier 35mm SLR system. The mirror lock-up is funky. Despite this, it still is a versatile and reliable system.

I've found two books valuable even for this long-time Nikon user: the old Nikon F Nikkormat Handbook of Photography by Joseph D Cooper and Joseph C Abbot and the much later The New Nikon Compendium by Simon Stafford and Hillebrand & Hauschild.