I agree with David as I have also had good luck with the Nikor. When I started using it I knew of many who absolutely hated it so I tracked down as many users as I could and found a number of old timers that have used it for decades. I think it is much like steel vs. plastic reels for 35mm. There are many that never seem to get comfortable with steel that love the plastic reels and then there are others like me that love steel reels as being easier. Search the photo.net archives for several good threads on "Nikor 4x5".

All that being said I wouldn't pay the $100.00 or so that I have seen them going for. BTW I use a rubber band as I never got the steel band so don't worry if it is missing.

The Beseler tank sounds good but the tried and true cheap tank is the Unicolor with motor base. Greywolf wrote up a great how-to of this method but I can't offhand remember where it is posted. I would recommend the Unicolor tanks also and sometimes still use it.