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Matt, as I told you in an earlier PM, these just blow me away. While gum over may not be appropriate for every print, it sure was for these. Now how/why did you pick these particular prints? Is there something that helps you decide which ones will work over another.
to be honest mike, I picked these three as my "first" ones for a few reasons,
the graffitti abandoned building one because I wanted to experiment with trying to get the yellow tones in the highlights, chose the carousel print because I wanted to see what a "foggy" image looked like with the gum over, and chose the dead deer one because its a favorite negative of mine and wanted to experiment with browning the tones in the bones etc.

I think I am leaning towards Keriks statement that a majority of pt/pd prints can/could be improved by the gum over layers. but who knows.... Ill let you know if 70 yrs when Im dead and cant print anymore

thanks everyone for the kind words. I really appreciate it.