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Folks - I would appreciate a head-count of people coming so that I can figure out about the lunchtime logistics. If we're going to have 20+ people showing up, I'll try to find someplace where I can reserve us a private room instead of just mobbing somewhere and not being able to sit together. I'd also like to see who's bringing what kind of camera so we can work out plans for shooting - the pace of the day will certainly be dictated by the formats folks are bringing.
While as you know I won't be able to make it this time, I would caution against too many people at the Rawlings Conservatory, especially with tripods and big cameras. Three of us using view cameras was disruptive enough and they had low attendance that day because the weather was terrible. I suggest that if a lot of people show up that you take it in shifts - maybe you could lead a caravan of half the crew or so up to Clyburn while the other half shoots at the Conservatory. Then switch after lunch.

I intend to go back to both locations many times. If what they now consider a welcome novelty becomes a banned annoyance we will have poisoned the well, which would be a tragedy.