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...addresses an examination of an egotistical attachment to our production of "art". Am "I" somehow different from all living things? Do other living things form attachments in the ways that humans do? Can "I" learn something from what "I" observe? Do "I" actually create art or am "I" a means by which creativity is made manifest? It seems to me that attachments whether they be to "art", to an idea, to an opinion, or to an object are the source of all suffering.

I recognize that I have a more global view then many embrace.
I guess I fall more towards Don's perspective on this. Especially if I place myself in Robert's predicament, I would give up the negs and, hopefully, my attachment to them, realizing the the act of creation is the prize - the fruits are just stuff. And, like all the other stuff here on the planet, including our bodies, it's just on loan.

That said, my view would change depending on who was asking me to give up the fruits of my labor. If it was a different situation and I felt someone (a person or an institution) was basically attempting to wield power or control over me, I think my reaction would be less Zen-like. As someone once said, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."