about the viewfinder display... I have a FE which has a FM3a like shutter/exposure display (actually, the FM3a has a FE like display!) and a FM2n with the led 0 - + display. In different situations, either can be better (or worse!) The LED display is great for dark environments, but can be hard to see if the suns coming over your shoulder and getting past your eye/head into the viewfinder. The FE tells you the shutter speed selected (both in manual and auto modes) and the exposure needle shows over/under exposure to a finer degree than the LED system (+/- 1/2 stop I think). The needle can be very hard to see in dim lighting. Overall, I prefer the FE style one, but I've had that camera for 20+ years and the FM2n for only 3 or so, so I might be biased