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Scooterman, Yes my PO is mixed using distilled water but I doubt that is the cause. I've used other papers without the pink hue. I also use a microwave to zap the PO as you suggested. Can't escape the fume!

EricNeilson, Yes, Pinkish hue is just in image area. My FO is bought from B&S and I added 0.5gm EDTA and 1.2gm OA to it as suggested by Kerik in earlier posts. Cleared with citric acid followed by sulfite/edta. RH is around 72%, room temp around 86deg f developed out process.

Thanks to all.
Eggshell, First I would try printing at a lower Rh; around 45%. I'd also consider using ammonium based palladium in place of some of the sodium based ( if that is what you are using). DMK has used the PO near boiling, I've only gotten it up to 150F or so. If the smell is too much, keep it covered until use, an dthen pour it back into the holding vessel.