I use our (only) bathroom.

I've been developing film using a changing bag and a couple of daylight tanks for a few years now and then scanning the results and have a pretty good workflow for doing that quickly and consistently. However, about 3 weeks ago I picked up an old enlarger and have had a couple of printing sessions in the bathroom.

Our bathroom is not light-tight so once a week or so I go in and tape a couple of old towels over the window, place the developing trays [different coloured cat litter trays!] in the bath and sit the enlarger on the floor. I can only print at night, sitting cross-legged on the floor, as there's just too much light in the day time.

It's a hassle setting everything up. It takes me about 45 minutes to make the window acceptably light tight, move in all the trays and the enlarger, plug in the safe light, check the enlarger is roughly flat and not crazily out of alignment, etc. and it takes me another 20 minutes or so to pack everything away and clean the bath properly to ensure no chemicals left over. But once everything is set up it's not really a bad working environment.

I make sure I use odourless chemicals though, the bathroom is small and has no ventilation. I've been thinking about possibly trying to tone some images in the future and I just don't think this room is suitable for it given the more noxious chemicals involved.