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The fee system is a good idea, the park service is in dire need of funds, but IMO they could raise each entry permit a few more bucks and issue a few more tickets for parking where you're not supposed to and blocking traffic (in Yellowstone for example), and a few more tickets for idiots who are out petting buffalo than start splitting hairs and trying to figure out which activities are commercial and which aren't.
Actually they ARE raising entrance fee's to many national parks this year...

Here is the press release for Yellowstone and Grand Teton:


Glacier National Parks entrance fee goes to $25 on Monday May 1st as well.

When in Yellowstone last June, I saw many more citations being issued that I have ever seen in the last 15 years, we were shooting coyote pups at the childrens fire trail last year and a ranger showed up and issued over 25 tickets to people who were parked off pavement, it was quite a specticle...