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yeh right

does it really make that much difference?

can you actually see, compose and present an interesting image?
Almost anyone given enough film to shoot will come up with some interesting, and in cases, remarkable images. Some of these will even straight print quite well. Others can find great content in any number of things of the world and record them on film with exceptional clarity; conveying that to the print with adequate range and depth can be challenging. There are those who can do everything well, from concept through master print. I am one of those who inhabit the middle category. I am glad to see that one of the luminaries of the latter group come to comment so charitably on we mere mortals. Thanks Ray.

Murray, thank you for sharing your process. I am about to embark on an Ansco/Formulary 130 adventure. It will be my first outside of Dektol/Selectol for paper. I can see that you have put a lot of thought into this, and that the Glycin is in greater amount. Perhaps this lends to the increased depth of the blacks? Once I get used to the 130, perhaps I will begin tinkering with the formula amounts as well.