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Yep, I ordered the filter kit with it; it comes with a 10 micron cold water filter and 5 micron hot water filter. I'll consult with the plumber, but there's no hurry since my D250 isn't expected to ship until Mar 12. It should be a relatively straightforward installation. The gravity drain makes me a little nervious though since there's a washer on the same drain, and it's not gravity! The thing has an outlet pump; if the drain pipe backs up I'm concerned it might back up into the ATL before the washer notices and stops. So I need to have the plumber suggest something, perhaps a one-way valve of some sort. Or a manual valve that can be closed when the washer is in use.

I'd hate to find my processor blowing bubbles. :)
To the best of my knowledge all plumbing codes within the United States will require a trap in the drain line leading to your processor. This will prevent sewer gas from entering habited space. The water in the trap will prevent some back flow resistance to you your washer backing up into the processor. Additionally there is a "flapper type check valve" that is usually installed in the outlet line of a sewage pump. The ones that I have experienced are usually 2 in IPS. They work very well insofar as back flow but they do present some minimal resistance to the gravity flow from your processor.