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That's apples and oranges. Washington DC has had a tripod by permit law for well over forty years. I was being chased off by the park police in 1966. It has nothing to do with 9-11 or political climate. The BLM rules have nothing to do with DC metro and park police. Those so called goons are enforcing a law that they had nothing to do with but is in affect in their jurisdiction. You could always get the permit or petition the government.
The Park Police are actually a lot more enlightened than the rent-a-cops at the Arboretum, which is managed by the Department of Agriculture. They at least asked me what I do with the pictures. They didn't like my answer, but they let me keep working unmolested.

BTW, it has everything to do with the political climate, at least around here. Rules don't matter any more. The "I'm the decider" mentality has permeated every level of the government and its contractors. I see it every day all over the government.