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For those that might be interested the picked up the new CamerArts with Steve Anchell's article on the survey FB papers - if you have read Steves book on VC printing it is worth tracking some nice portfolios. Steve S, keep this type of work coming and you will start to pick up some of the analog folks. Good photo publications are getting harder to find..B&W UK is about the only other I have found (OK, Lenswork is great - but not really the same type of publication).
Mike C
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Thanks for the note. Yes, we are making an effort to pick up readers from PhotoVision (apparently out of publication). We have more articles on traditional black and white scheduled in the coming months

dye dodging
Acros roll films in PMK
Ansco 130 paper developer
doing fashion and portraiture in black and white

We are also doing a two part article on paper and developer combiunations in View Camera. The first part is in the March/April issue (will be out in two weeks) and the second part will be in the May/June issue. Bruce Barlow is writing the article andf will be at the View Camera conference showing the results.

steve simmons