The number used to indicate negative size, and thus film, before Kodak started numbering films.

1 =120
1a = 116
2c = 130
3 = 118
3a = 122
Other than those it gets really confusing

The Brownie's, Bullseyes, Kodets, and Cartridge Kodaks follow different numbering schemes.

You may be able to substitute 120 for 105 in the No 1 Panoram Kodak, as the film width is the same. 122 film was available from Central Camera last time I checked, but rather dear at ~$30 a roll.

122 and 116/616 are the two sizes I wish someone would produce at a reasonable price ($10 - $15), as there are some pretty interesting cameras in those sizes. I know J and C was looking into 116 a while back, but nothing seems to have come of it.