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Phil, on the technical side, PO will give greater printing speed. On the personal side, I developed both pt/pd and Kallitypes in both PO and ammonim citrate and found that the PO developed prints had better "depth" and a smoother tonality.

As I told you, alt printing is very "personal", Arentz gets glowing prints with platinotype, I just cant no matter what I do.....
To further emphasize Jorge's point that alt printing is very personal, I get the same depth and tonality with sodium citrate as with potassium oxalate. Potassium oxalate at a given percentage (20-25%) has more capacity before it requires replenishing, and it is easier to decant since the development byproducts settle to the bottom. On the other hand, sodium citrate is a lot less expensive so it costs less to replenish, and less in the long run.