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I don't have much experience with Exacta, Alpa or Miranda but in terms of a full professional system with interchangeable viewfinders, focusing screens, bellows, extension tubes, bulk film backs and a motor drive in a very rugged packet I think of Nikon as the first full system. I just stated to collect Miranda 35mms and I was very surprised in terms of the accessories that Miranda made.
If you check out your copy of this month's B&W (UK) magazine there is a small article on a camera called the Wrayflex. The gist of the article is that in 1949 Wray took out patents for an interchangable lens SLR with a pentaprism, a motor drive and an instant return mirror - essentially a Nikon F 11 years before it appeared. When the Wrayflex appeared a few years later, owing to material shortages it had none of the three innovative features listed above. Within two decades the UK camera manufacturing industry was essentially dead. Draw your own conclusions.