Hmmm, shouldn't a 10 1/2 inch at f11 have more depth of field than a 14 1/2 inch lens at f11? Even after allowing the subject distance to vary, from f-calc it looks like the difference should be no more 4-5 mm in favor of the Hermagis but it looks far more different than that to me.

My fave is the Hermagis at f11, but agree f8 would probably be the winner.

A few weeks ago, a set of Imagon cells popped up on Ebay one night at what looked like quite a decent Buy It Now price. I agonized for a few minutes before passing, but your shots make me glad that I did. I reckon the Air Force uses those things and thats where a lot of those Area 54 and Roswell theories came from... I don't need expensive lenses to take bad pictures - I do fine all by my little lonesome self!