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Hmmm, shouldn't a 10 1/2 inch at f11 have more depth of field than a 14 1/2 inch lens at f11? Even after allowing the subject distance to vary, from f-calc it looks like the difference should be no more 4-5 mm in favor of the Hermagis but it looks far more different than that to me.
Richard, the Petzval gains depth at f11 but the field is still curved. I even kicked in more movements to try to get a bit more in initial focus with the petzval but it is very shallow in it's little sharp center. Both the Eidoscope and the Imagon are actually sharp wide open. You see both sharp elements plus the blur of the aberation both at the same time. My focus point was the 2 flowers upper right quadrant in each case. The more I look at the Imagon, the more I think I might have some fun with it.

Matt, Tonopah is a bottomless pit of characters missing front teeth that would be fun to photograph. I just need to quit my day job and play full time.