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I want to make a public apology to Murray. My overly aggresive tone in my original post was not called for or needed. I for one am going to try his formula-and not so that I can return to make negative comments. ANY and ALL contributions to this site should be welcomed. We all have much to learn-my self included.
No need to apologize at all Peter!

I didn't find your post aggressive, in fact I found it to be the only one that challenged me in a 'spirited debate' kind of way...besides, nobody else offered to trade prints with me

Anybody who's thinking of trying 12/15 should mix up some Ansco 130 as well (Ansel Adams variation - no hydroquinone) if they haven't done so already, for comparison purposes...they have the same ingredients anyways, only in different proportions. In fact, if you've never mixed your own developer before, you would be nuts to start with 12/15 as it's an unknown, from an unknown schmuck on the net...start with the classic!