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Hi again EricNeilson,

I did a couple of tests. The pinkish hue becomes more unpleasant on the air dried print. Printing speed is a little shorter, but not too much. One question I'd like to ask is what lighting do you use to evaluate your prints? Outdoor lighting, the pink is very clear. A mixed of natural & tungsten light seem to camouflage the pinkish hue. I think mixed lighting is ideal but the print should not be unpleasant in daylight, like the pink I have now.

I'm going to add some platinum on my next test to see if the pink goes away. That's as far as I'll go. I shall move on. Thanks again for helping.
When you say, air dried print, does that include the use of a hair dryer and then a 20 to 30 minute period where the paper sits in the dark? I use three lighting conditions to view prints; a daylight florescent bulb, a balance of tungsten spot with daylight tungsten, and the natural light out in the hall way in the building where my studio is located.

Can you scan a sample of your pink along with a normal, your normal, tone? Do you have another paper to try that is also white? How much of an investment do you have in this paper? And how was it stored? I don't have any of it. I use COT 320, Arches Platine, Coventry Rag, Bein Fang 360, Van Gelder's Simili Japon, and of the Cranes from the Formulary, but can't recall any going pinkish.

I'd be happy to make a step wedge test on a sheet and post a jpeg for you or send you the test to judge against your own samples.