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I think part of the problem of understanding/defining bokeh is a cultural one, and in our western way we want something definite and *right* or *wrong* when it's not as cut and dried as that, and the Japanese language is infinitely more subtle than ours. In the end, it doesn't matter, go with what pleases you. If you think of 'bokeh' as meaning 'blur' (which I think is how it translates) then you realise it isn't specific, and it isn't in itself value-laden, though we make judgements about particular renditions of it.

Speaking of subtlety, here's something related to what we've been discussing here:

what some Japanese people pay attention to is the part of substance that hardly matters to and/or simply not wanted by others. The texture of raw meat (in this picture it's beef) is just as popular as the bokeh taste on lens quality. Japanese people tend to prefer it with some (but to me too much) fat rather than the lean part only, and they think it's their Japanese taste.

I think I've posted a similar comment somewhere before. But that's the easiest way to explain what subtlety means to over here.