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If there really is such a law, how would you go about getting a permit? I did a search of the DC code, and apparently, the word 'tripod' does not appear anywhere in the code. The only reference I could find to photography had to do with use of cameras in DC courtrooms. Then again, I am not an expert at legal searches, perhaps I missed something?

DC code is not applicable. It's National Park Service regulations that govern most of the monuments around here. Or, as I mentioned, in the case of certain facilities such as the National Arboretum or the National Forests, the Department of Agriculture regulates. Each location seems to have their own fee schedule and set of rules.

The rent-a-cops at the Arboretum, as well as the clone at the information desk who will hand you the rules permitting non-commercial photography will both then tell you that the tripod you are carrying requires a permit. The permit fee is $500/day. No amount of cajoling on your part will penetrate the thick skull plate of these creatures to whom 2+2=4 and tripod=commercial photographer.