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Other problem is that the N80 I have only allows metering with teleconverters for the AFS and AFI lenses, of course the really expensive ones. So, I need a suggestion to either trade over to another brand, maybe with a standard cheaper body, or 2, get something in a later model Nikon that would allow me to use my lens and buy a teleconverter,

If I understand you've got an AIS or AI lens and want to meter? If I've understood the Nikon stuff

1) Nikon F4 will meter fully.

2) F100 or F5 will not matrix meter but will spot and average meter.

3) F6 will fully meter.

The F4 is the cheapest by far. If you're only using manual focus then it maybe the best choice. I picked up a bargain KEH F4 for not much money. KEH calls it bargain it looks mint to me.